Having acne can be a painful and discomforting ordeal. While there are plenty of probable reasons for having acne, the main culprit behind the break out might be your toothpaste. As weird as it sounds, toothpaste can be harsher on your skin than you know. But can toothpaste cause pimples?

The age old remedy of using toothpaste to get rid of a zit turns out to be just a myth. In reality, it can act as a trigger for pimples and cause irritation to the skin.


The main reason people have pimples is because of exposure of the skin to damaging chemicals. One such harmful chemical is an ingredient of toothpaste. Sodium lauryl sulfate, which helps the toothpaste in foaming can have some side effects like acne. SLS is a surfactant whose job is to trap and remove any harmful product deposited in your mouth. This is a detergent which will eventually lead your skin to become dry and irritable. SLs based toothpaste may significantly help in removing the plaque deposited on your teeth but might also be the trigger for all the painful acne and mouth sores.

To curb the dryness caused by this sulfate detergent, the skin produces more oil which leads to the development of acne. While SLS can be really effective in cleaning the teeth, it can also be the cause behind the inflammation of the skin around your mouth. Many brands have now realized the need to use natural and harmless ingredients in their products.


The reason most people get acne around their mouth is that they cleanse their face before brushing. To make sure that your skin isn’t brought into contact with the damaging ingredients of toothpaste, wash your face immediately after brushing your teeth. This prevents the area around your mouth from getting exposed to the harmful chemicals and thus avoiding any potential damage.

The most significant way to avoid acne caused by toothpaste is by being cautious of what you purchase. Many brands have shifted to better and safer alternatives that are not free of any sulfate product. Choosing toothpaste that is free of such chemicals can help your skin be clear and free of irritation. So before you pick out a brand of toothpaste to buy, remember to check the label. Making a conscious choice in choosing the daily care products that you expose your skin to can lessen the number of pimples you have.

It is time you forget the home remedy of using toothpaste to get rid of the zits on your face. It can be counterproductive to use a potential trigger of acne to help you clear the existing ones. So the answer to the question “can toothpaste cause pimples” is a big yes. With safer alternatives available in the market, you do not have to be stuck with the acne around your mouth anymore.