Dental Veneers San Antonio TX

A veneer is a thin shell placed over the front or visible parts of the tooth. There are two types of veneers, ceramic veneers, and resin-based composite veneers. Porcelain veneers are virtually painless cosmetic dentistry procedures that address a wide variety of dental concerns. They are constructed from a thin, yet durable, ceramic material and are bonded to the front of each tooth for delivering a beautiful, natural-looking smile.


Our dentist recommends porcelain veneers to cover a single tooth to rejuvenate the appearance of your smile. This procedure delivers significant cosmetic improvements and can correct several types of imperfections, like:

  • Chips
  • Cracks
  • Gaps between teeth
  • Staining
  • Uneven teeth
  • Misalignment
  • Short or worn teeth

In some cases, porcelain veneers can be used to improve the appearance of crooked teeth. During the consultation process, our dentist will carefully examine all areas and evaluate whether porcelain veneers are the best option for achieving results.


Composed of a ceramic material, a porcelain dental veneer is custom-designed to accommodate the affected areas of your teeth. They require the removal of the original tooth. After our dentist takes an initial impression of your teeth, he will have your new veneer created to provide the best fit possible. Once the new veneer is made, our dentists in San Antonio will place it on the teeth with a durable cement, and then have it matched to the surrounding teeth. This entire treatment typically takes only two office visits.

One of the chief benefits of porcelain dental veneers is the length of results. They also like your natural teeth. Our dentist can improve the appearance of your teeth and give you a beautiful new smile with porcelain dental veneers.

How Long Porcelain Veneers Sustain?

Porcelain veneers can last for years when kept with proper care. They are designed from durable, stain-resistant material, that is strong and keeps your smile looking youthful. Practicing great daily oral hygiene habits is the best way to maintain your results in the long-term. Patients who have a habit of frequently clenching their jaw or grinding their teeth at night may consider a small oral appliance to protect veneers while sleeping.

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