Cracked Tooth Repair San Antonio TX

Ever sensed an erratic pain in the tooth or gums? Yes, wear and tear may also felt from chewing specific kinds of food. Your tooth can be exposed to various temperatures ranging from hot to cold. The individual can experience a variety of symptoms.

Also, your dentist might find it difficult to spot the discomfort that has been caused. If the individual is already experiencing the symptoms of a cracked tooth; it is safe to say that you need to see an endodontist as early as possible.

Causes of a cracked tooth

There can be tonnes of issues that are backed with the pain of cracked tooth. Know more below:

  • Teeth grinding can cause pressure and a rush of force
  • The fillings that happen may weaken down the integrity of the tooth
  • Hard substances, such as ice, nuts, candies can give you irritation in the chewing process
  • Incidents like a car accident, sporting injuries, or any blows or fistfight in the mouth
  • Ever-changing temperatures such as eating something extremely hot or cool
  • Cooling down your mouth with iced water or cubes

Teeth cracks can happen over the age over 50. The cracks are visible at this age, even the minute ones.

Know the symptoms here:

  • You’ll feel a sense of pain while chewing or biting foods.
  • A sensitivity will be felt with regards to hot or cold, or even sweet foods/drinks.
  • Continuous pain that goes and comes back every now and then.
  • The swelling remains around the affected tooth.


A lot of people experience a common issue such as, the cracked tooth which can save its appearance and give you a shiny set of teeth.

Procedures such as prompt treatments can save you from a cracked tooth and prevent the infection by spreading across. Such that, it doesn’t do further damage. Although, there will be some pain that will be subsided for a couple of days and your mouth will feel a sense of soreness.

Make sure you are managing with good dental hygiene, and wear a mouthguard if you play contact sports. This will protect your “Say Cheeeeeese ” smile, and along with that, you may avoid any hard substances.