San Antonio Pediatric Dentist

Kids’ oral health is equally important just like their overall health. To keep your child healthy from their first birthday to adulthood, we are dedicated to creating a smile that keeps shining for years. Our focus is to provide a relaxed, fun-filled and compassionate environment that keeps your child away from the dental anxiety.

No frightening memories, only healthy and happy smiles on little faces is what we promise as a reckoned Pediatric Dentist in San Antonio. Being a full-service pediatric dental care provider, we offer a variety of pediatric dental services that encompass minimally invasive techniques, fillings and restorations, dental crowns, space maintenance, and sedation dentistry.

Our Pediatric Dentist in San Antonio have expertise in the treatment and prevention of various dental disease. Having years of training, experience, and certification have made them qualified enough to treat children of all ages.

Customized Treatment: San Antonio Pediatric Dentist create each treatment plan based on the child’s individual needs and health. Right from x-rays to prevention plans, fluoride treatment, everything is customized to suit your child’s dental needs.

Extraction: Extraction is the process of removing teeth. Sometimes they need to be removed because of pain, infection or cavities, Our dentist will talk to you about your child’s requirement before moving ahead with the procedure. A simple extraction can be performed at a regular visit. Once the process is done, our dentist gives instructions for after care.

Orthodontic Treatment: Pediatric Dentist in San Antonio offer comprehensive orthodontic services for children of all ages. Our dentists look for signs of malocclusion that might result in the need of extensive treatment later on. Addressing those issues will help your child enjoy a brighter smile.

Fluoride Treatment: Our dentist first analyzes child’s medical history and then recommend whether your child needs fluoride supplements or not. Topical fluoride is then applied to the tooth enamel quickly. It is completely painless procedure and is performed during regular dental visit.

Root Canal Treatment: The procedure causes a little discomfort but is quite helpful in relieving tooth pain. Our dentists use anesthesia to block the sensation of pain and calming dental fear. After a thorough examination, our dentist recommends the best option. The procedure is carried out regularly at our office. Follow-up instructions along with a scheduled return visit is also made mandatory.

Filling and Sealants: Fillings are available in two forms: silver amalgam and composite resin. Kids having chipped, crooked, broken, decayed or worn teeth are ideal candidates for dental fillings. Fillings are the most durable form of dental treatment that helps to create a natural and beautiful smile.

San Antonio Pediatric Dentist offer dental sealants as a part of preventative treatment for children who have developed cavities. The procedure is accomplished during a routine checkup and is entirely painless. Our dentist will keep rechecking the sealants on regular visit and apply them, if required.

Your Pediatric Dental Visit At your first visit, you and your child will be greeted warmly with a friendly introduction to our team and office. Our dentist will also spend time with your child giving them home care instruction along with evaluation and comprehensive examination of their overall health.

To schedule a convenient appointment for your child’s first visit, contact us. Call our office today and we will make sure that you have the best experience.