Teeth Cleaning Dentist San Antonio TX

Did you know that most of the dental problems can be avoided by not putting off dental care. The type of food we eat and drink puts wear and tear on our teeth, thereby staining the enamel, which in turn affects our appearances. With our teeth cleaning services, you can easily get a beautiful and healthy smile.

We pride ourselves on making our patients comfortable through and through. From start to finish, we will do everything to make certain you are totally satisfied with our treatments. Dental cleaning followed by a fluoride application helps to prevent cavities. Patients might come across light sensitivity that usually gets resolved in a few days.

How Teeth Cleaning Is Done

Patients with healthy teeth and gums, even the ones having the earliest signs of gingivitis, a teeth cleaning usually involves three simple steps:

Scaling: This procedure is performed using a tool called scaler. In situations where there are only a few small spots of calculus, your dentist may use a scaler to remove tartar from the teeth. Tartar can also be removed with an ultrasonic scaler that uses a gentle vibration to wash away the particles.

Polishing: Polishing helps remove stains on the enamel and gives teeth a smooth surface that is less likely to attract plaque and oral bacteria.

Fluoride: Our dentists recommend fluoride after each cleaning that strengthen the enamel, which is the outermost layer of the teeth, thereby, helping it resist the attack and leading to tooth decay.

Professional teeth cleaning process is easy to tolerate, however, patients with sensitive gums may feel a slight discomfort. If you feel uncomfortable, let your dentist know.

We are dedicated to providing the highest standard of quality using state-of-the-art dental technology. We have improved thousands of smiles, and want to do the same for you. To schedule an appointment, please contact us today.