Dental Crown San Antonio TX

A crown is a cap-like structure that strengthens the overall structure of your tooth. It gives a natural which the prepared tooth has lost its true essence. It helps in creating the right appearance and restores the shape of the tooth.

Should you get a Dental Crown?

If you have broken or weak teeth because of tooth decay or if there is any large filling there; crowns are an ideal way. A dental crown can be used for numerous reasons, such as:

  • Even if you wish to change the appearance of your tooth because of the discoloured filling which is present
  • Now that you already have a root filling, and need a crown to protect as an extra layer
  • It also gives support to the bridge or denture to remain stiff in their place.

Know what your crown is made up of:

There are several materials like alloys, ceramics, porcelain, porcelain fused to metal, etc. that goes behind the making of the crown. The material that is used is often colour blended with your natural teeth.

The dentist then customises it according to your mouth to make it appear as natural and fit. There are numerous other factors that one must consider:

  • where is the location and the function of the tooth
  • where your gum tissues are located
  • what is your choice
  • the portion of your tooth which keeps on showing when you cheer a little
  • what is the colour palette of the tooth

Dental crown is required in these cases:

Case #1: When the patient needs a root canal because of the decay or some infection.

Case #2: When the patient needs to get the appearance enhanced via porcelain or ceramic crown. This crown can be used for cosmetic reasons too!

Case #3: When the patient needs it after the dental implant. It helps in the natural chew and can work as a permanent restoration.

Case #4: When the patient is close to crack their teeth because of high sensitivity. It can be painful, and a dental crown will work as a shield to give some relief.

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