Teeth Checkup & Cleaning San Antonio TX

A disappointing statistics have revealed that more than 1/3rd of the population do not visit their dentist regularly. Sad reality! These cleanings play a crucial role in one’s life, and it can prevent tooth loss.

Be considerate about the trouble before it becomes critical for yourself. The ideal visit is at least twice a year to get done in the routine appointment.

What should you expect?

There have been case scenarios, where the dental hygienist performs your dental check-up. Although not all the dentists are alike, the process somewhat remains the same! The typical dental check-up involves the following procedures:

  • Cleaning and polishing: A special kind of instrument is used, i.e., known as a hand scaler or ultrasonic dental instrument to scrape off the bacteria – tartar from your teeth. The dentist cleanses and then polishes later. It also includes a rotating rubber in the form of a cup or a brush. It goes inside the teeth and removes any stain or plague from there.
  • Education: The second most important step is to educate for the future. Once the cleaning process is completed, the dentist will discuss all the oral hygiene problems that may arise or might be detected in the near future. Your hygienist shows you the precise method of brushing and flossing, and that to be done at least twice a day.
  • Examination: The dentist will then examine further your entire mouth, which involves your sensitive gums and teeth. He/she will detect the early-signs, such as cavities, or any gum diseases to happen in the meanwhile period. There is a thing termed as oral cancer which can be hazardous for health. The dentist does this examination to analyse the “pockets” that are placed amidst the teeth and your gums. He/she then uses a special tool that is poked at your tooth and will conclude if any cavities that are there or not. They get a better view via mouth mirror that gives a better view of both the sides and back of the teeth. The dentist will surely recommend the respective treatment when he/she sees any actual problems. You can see an orthodontist for this treatment.

Getting the most out of the dental check-up

It is vital to communicate the problem that you’re facing. Your oral health is closely related to your overall health. You need to be open and tell your concern to your dentist. Make sure to tell:-

  • If you’re facing any health issues, or has recently been diagnosed from any last visit. (For eg., Diabetes or any heart disease)
  • Create a medication list along with the supplements that you’re taking. Don’ forget to take the list along with you such that he/she can review that.
  • If you’ve any dental anxiety, fret not! Make sure your dentist knows about it as he/she will make you more comfortable during the check-up.
  • Be open while telling about your issues, or any changes inside your gums/teeth/ or anywhere in the mouth. The sooner your dentist knows about the pain, the earlier he/she will be able to treat the suspicious ache that is causing.

The dentist will do a precise visual inspection of each filling, and the tooth, dental implants. Make sure to take care of your oral hygiene, and get rid of the poor habits such as smoking. When you change your lifestyle, your dental hygiene will definitely take a toll on health!