Smile Makeover San Antonio TX

There are a lot of cosmetic procedures that work via surgical methods. It not only improves the appearance of your smile but also, boosts your confidence.

What does it consider?

  • Tooth colour: Even if you have yellow teeth, or if there are any stains or cracks; Smile Makeover is the healing way.
  • Lip length & position: It makes your lips look fuller, and makes the position appropriate.
  • Tooth shape: Goodbye to misalignment, your worn-out tooth has a good shape now!
  • Gum colour: The discoloured gums that are not in harmony with the teeth are also taken care of.

Smile Makeover has been a big advantage in dentistry. The individual looks more aesthetically-appealing and gives you the right self-confidence in society.


  • In case your veneers are chipped off or are broken. The patients are advised not to chew any hard substance while they are wearing Veneers.
  • Make sure you’re replacing the crown every 10-15 years.
  • There can be stains after composite bondings or it can be broken off and would need a replacement again!
  • Implants need to be kept for three to four months before loading it with the crown and have to be checked for osseointegration.
  • Make sure you’re regular with your treatment as orthodontic treatment asks the patients for equal cooperation.
  • If you have any trouble or doubts with your treatment, make sure you’re consulting the dentist right away!

In this whole process, oral hygiene needs to be taken proper care and along with this, the patient must go for a checkup for any minor repairs here and there!