Oral Exam San Antonio TX

This visit includes a clinical examination, findings, diagnosis and treatment. Our dentist will also take panoramic x-rays for proper diagnosis of the front and back teeth as well for proper diagnosis of the underlying matter.

Along with clinical examination, our dentists in San Antonio also opt for radiographs and laboratory examinations. All of these procedures help in providing a supreme level of care that is customized to the needs of patients.

Overview Of Exam

  • Update of dental history chart
  • Examination of your oral cavity
  • Bite examination
  • Tissue and bone assessment
  • Denture stability
  • Cleaning and polishing

In an oral examination, the condition of the teeth, gums, tongue, cheeks, the floor of the mouth, palate and other pertinent structures are studied. Other than this, lips, facial symmetry and the appearance of the jaw is also examined. A comprehensive examination helps in getting a definite treatment plan designed.

Dental exams are extremely important because they give dentists an opportunity to take a closer look at your mouth. In addition to this, we will also look for cavities. With the help of regular checkups, you can also prevent gum disease or periodontitis.

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