Full Mouth Reconstruction San Antonio TX

Do you find there are tonnes of problems that are unable to cover the simple teeth fillings, or via orthodontics, false teeth? This is an alarm that is asking you for a full mouth dental reconstruction or restoration.

Just like the name suggests, “Full Mouth Reconstruction” means the rebuilding or replacing all the teeth in the patient’s mouth. It combines all the esthetics that studies restorative dentistry. It helps in improving the function and the overall health; and the beauty of the mouth.

Who needs a full mouth reconstruction?

  • The individual who has lost its teeth due to any such trauma or the decay
  • The individual who has got fractured on his/her teeth or lost because of serious injuries
  • The individual has acid erosion because of the consumption of foods, beverages, or any acid reflux. It can also happen because of tooth grinding.
  • There are so many complaints that we keep hearing about the jaw, and the headache or your muscles.

It is said that you must turn back your clock to see the new teeth. It is worth every penny, where you’ll thank us for your appearance that eventually makes you look 20-40 years younger. Schedule an appointment with our dentists today!