Dental Emergencies in Children San Antonio

We don't decide on accidents. Do we? The trouble can happen at any point in time despite any location. For eg., your child can fall off the swing or a skateboard. If he/she is playing a physical sports activity or has hit themself in a fight; the teeth may damage or get chipped.

These are known as 'Dental Emergencies' in layman terms. It can cause severe damage to your smile and teeth, and further resulting in poor health. If some action is taken at a fast pace, it can prevent the loss of dental health. If you wish to prevent yourself from the infections and reduce the need for any treatment; it is advisable to take fast action. Don't forget to rinse your mouth and any extensive dental treatment. You can apply the cold compresses if you wish to slow down the swelling. Know-how in detail:

As a parent, you may have this underlying thought:

What if I think my child's jaw is broken?

Thinking that your child's jaw is broken down? Don't forget to apply cold compresses on the swollen area to control down. Refer to the nearest child's dentist or the nearby hospital where they take the patients in emergency cases. 

Accidents happen every day. To avoid that, one must be prepared with precautions because we believe in "Prevention is better than cure! Take these safety tips to prevent the dental emergency: 

  • Don't forget the mouthguard; it works as a helmet that can be used during sports or recreational activity. 
  • Please don't use the teeth to work it as a scissor. Its function is NOT to cut things. If you have a younger child, make sure he/she is supervised not to use scissors as well!
  • If you've any toothbrush or say, a pencil in your mouth; don't run that randomly. 
  • Make sure you have obstructed the gates and all the dangerous zones, to keep your younger ones away. 
  • A dentist visit is mandatory! Don't forget to visit your child's dentist every six months so that they remain healthy and strong enough.

We understand how some children have dental anxieties, and we help your child to get over the pain. Dental emergencies are quite sudden and can happen anytime. Don't forget to contact us or book your appointments immediately.