Porcelain Bridges San Antonio TX

It is another tool that can be used instead of dental implants. There can be a lot of times when you find a missing tooth, and of course, it doesn’t look fancy! The term “bridge” refers to corresponding with the space that is already missing. It is a kind of an artificial tooth that is created out of the porcelain. It also connects with the neighbouring and the adjacent teeth. However, it is covered with a crown made out of porcelain as well!

Every bridge is customised with the aesthetics of your mouth. It helps in restoring the functionality and the typical beauty of the same. A porcelain bridge is curated in a dental laboratory to check the precision and if it fits the mouth or not. It is then cemented into place and fine-tuned to not be in a portable motion.


Now that you have consulted the dentist and both of you have come to the conclusion that a porcelain bridge can fix the trouble. The dentist then prepares to create two teeth that will surround the missing one! This is like a support for the artificial teeth to get them in the accurate place where they belong.

Before this, the dentist will take a couple of impressions to understand the size of the crown and an artificial tooth. Once the dentist has that in place, they will then make the bridge. The proper treatment may take two visits approximately to complete the entire procedure in a row. After this, he/she will initiate the cementing process.

The bridges can last for more than the prescribed duration if taken proper care of. All you need to do is go for appropriate dental hygiene and be proficient in oral health. Brushing and flossing is the easiest method to be considerate about teeth.

How will a porcelain bridge help you?

This will give you a boost and a heads-up to put up with a confident smile. A porcelain bridge will help you with the following:

  • It shuts down the unnecessary gaps that prevent from giving a lovely smile!
  • It also serves the purpose of eating and speaking in a precise manner.
  • It gives an excellent shape to your jaw, which, in result, provides a proper form and alignment to your face.
  • It also supports the underlying jaw bone.

The porcelain bridge will not only give you the desired smile that you wish for but, also it structures your face that is surrounded by the bridge. It makes it appear younger and fuller. Now you can binge upon your favourite foods, stress-free! You don’t have to worry about them sliding or the portability of your teeth.

Although this procedure will take a few appointments to get fully completed. And, once the process is completed, you can’t resist flaunting a charming smile that yells brand new self-confidence. Schedule an appointment and get the porcelain bridge in place of the missing teeth.