Our Digital Dental X-Ray Reduces Radiation
Exposure By Up To 90%

Consistently invested in our patients’ health and experience, we have the latest
technology and state-of-the-art techniques in order to make it an experience that is safe and comfortable. A paperless office and networked treatment rooms, we are able to share files, photography, communications and any medical information between the treatment room and doctor instantaneously, making your first visit and every visit after more convenient and efficient. We strive to be the highest quality Family and Pediatric Dentists in the area.

iTero Scanner

Dentistry has never been at a more exciting time when it comes to the rise of technology to help service the needs of the patient. One of the best technological developments is the iTero digital scanner.

iTero enables doctors to take a 3D digital scan of a patient’s teeth and bite so adjustments can be made digitally for the use of several important dental procedures.

With the use of a small, handheld scanner, a dentist scans your teeth and makes sure to capture every angle possible. Once completed, the images are sent to the computer and rendered to create the composite image, which combines all angles to create a 3D model of your teeth. Once the image has loaded, doctors can use this to create everything from an Invisalign mold to crowns, bridges and full tooth implants.

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Dental X-rays or radio graphs allow the dentist to see so much more. From cysts (sacks of fluid that form on the roots of teeth), cancerous and non-cancerous tumors, to invisible decay that occurs between teeth, and the location of teeth that haven’t grown in completely.

This digital format has numerous advantages when compared with old-fashioned, film-based machines, including:

  • Reduced radiation exposure (up to 90% less than traditional systems)
  • Enhanced ability to refine image quality
  • Instant viewing (no waiting for films to develop)
  • Environmentally friendly (no toxic chemicals)


Our office provides the highest level of sterilization available today. Our state-of-the-art sterilization center ensures that patients experience a clean, safe environment during their visit.

Every step in the multi-stage cleaning and disposal process is kept separate in safe holding areas to prevent cross-contamination. Instruments are disinfected, cleaned ultra-sonically and heated to extreme temperatures to kill any potentially harmful microbes. Once this multi-step process is completed, instruments are then stored in a separate sterile environment before use.


Safety, in all steps of your treatment, is our top priority. In earlier days, the only method to remove tarter from above as well as below the gum line had been by scraping with a hand tool. Aided by the Cavitron Ultrasonic Cleaner, our own hygienists can gently and comfortably eliminate tarter with high frequency vibration. The Cavitron Ultrasonic cleaner is known as a harmless, highly effective and pain-free alternative to regular cleaning approaches. Because it works at the speed of sound, you hardly experience any kind of movement, making deep cleaning a more pleasant experience.


The Intraoral Camera is a diagnostic tool which allows us to detect potential problems within the mouth, early on. By taking pictures of your teeth, gums and the inside of your mouth and displaying the images on a computer screen, it gives us a fast, easy way to really look at what’s going on. Using the Intra-Oral Camera saves time and makes problems easily visible to both you and the doctors. Because they are instantly transferred to the computer, you, as a patient, are able to see the problem areas for yourself and discuss treatment with your dentist.