Scaling & Root Planing San Antonio TX

It is a non-surgical process which deeply cleanses the plaque and tartar from the top-most section and is also scraped from the bottom line, i.e., under the gums area. The rough spots (if any) on the root tooth are created with the planing format.

Why would you need that?

There are various signs of chronic periodontal disease. This procedure will keep the dangerous effects at bay. Keep your mouth healthy and follow-up for these signs.

It happens when there’s a plague that is caused in your gums. It creates large pockets to foster amidst your teeth and the gums. It increases the growth of the bacteria that does not even curbs off even after brushing off the teeth. The key to consistent flossing method can spot the difference with toothbrushes.

If not taken proper care, chronic periodontal disease can result in:

  • Loss of tooth
  • Moving teeth
  • Your teeth may loosen up
  • Loss of bone and tissue

Studies have reported that more than 50% of the U.S. adult population is affected by this disease (over the age of 30 years). Following are the reasons for this condition:

  • Oral health is worsened
  • Can’t resist smoking
  • Aging is yet another reason
  • Hormonal changes
  • Alternative medical conditions
  • Nutrition is very poor
  • Family history also matters!


There are various symptoms that can be followed later on to exaggerate and worsen the condition:

  • Are you experiencing bleeding gums lately?
  • Your gums have turned into red, inflammable or intensely tender.
  • Bad breath that is caused by poor dental habits
  • Changes in the bite

Take care of your dental hygiene! These two: teeth scaling and root planing can take more than a single visit to your dentist! There will be a follow-up appointment for a seamless procedure without any complications.

Try having a balanced diet with proper dental hygiene and see the dentist for regular clean-ups every three to four months.